Permanent Supportive Housing

Base Camp Village, Inc. plans to achieve its mission by developing two permanent supportive housing projects in the Oroville area providing up to 32 eligible people with a permanent place they can call home. Voluntary case management and mental health supportive services will be offered to all tenants.

A Housing First approach will be applied ensuring that tenants are not denied housing based on having too little income, an active or history of substance use, a criminal record (with exceptions for state-mandated restrictions), or a history of victimization (domestic violence, sexual assault, childhood abuse). Additionally, tenants will not be terminated from housing due to failure to participate in supportive services, make progress on a service plan, or to improve income. Tenants will be terminated from housing if they violate the terms of their lease.

Success will be defined by reducing homelessness in Butte County and by increasing the length of stay for formerly homeless in permanent housing. This will be measured by capturing the number of tenants and the number of years living at Base Camp Village, Inc. properties.

Bootstrap Workers “ Stepping up to Success through Skill”

Base Camp Village, Inc., in cooperation with community organizations, will recruit experienced craftsmen to act as mentors and trainers for parolee and probationers as unpaid trainees during the construction phase of both Base Camp Village, Inc. properties. The trainees will be involved in all aspects of construction including: foundation, plumbing, electrical, sheetrock, roofing, stucco, painting, setting fixtures, tile, and clean up. The goal is to make the construction simple but to give each trainee a broad range of experience, skill, and technique. The Bootstrap Workers program allows trainees to gain hands-on work experience as well as learn team-building skills that will aid in future employment opportunities.

Success will be defined by the rate of completion of trainees. This will be measured by capturing the number of trainees recruited at the start of construction and the number of trainees who receive a certificate of achievement when construction is complete.